About Robert Electrical Ltd.

At a Glace

  • Member of the Ontario Electrical League
  • Electrical Safety Authority contractor
  • Teamed by Certified Electricians
  • Certified Fire Alarm Electrician
  • Thermograher
  • Generac trained technician
  • Located in Ottawa, Ontario
  • Serving since 1990

Robert Electric Ltd. has been servicing the residential, commercial and industrial electrical needs of Ottawa area, Ontario, Canada since 1990. We are an Electrical Safety Authority authorized contractor and have certified electricians to service your needs. We are Certified Fire Alarm Electricians as this certification is required to work on fire alarms.

Every one of our electricians are more than qualified and are confident and capable of meeting your every day electrical needs for your home, for your office, commercial, or industrial building. Contact us today for more information.